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7th EAI International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime

October 6–8, 2015 | Seoul, South Korea

Getting to Seoul

Seoul is one of the world’s best-connected cities. With two international airports and an extensive airport-to-city transportation network, Seoul has all the resources to welcome large numbers of visitors from all over the world. Seoul is also the proud home to two major, award-winning international carriers, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines.

Most people in Korean have at least a basic understanding of English. If you need help at the airpot, look for the information booths with the big "i". Around tourist areas in Seoul, there are tourist information buildings, and often people walking around in red cowboy-style hats and red shirts.

If you need help outside of these areas, most people are willing to try to help. The best way to ask is to smile, and say "excuse me" first. If they seem willing to help, then speak as simply as possible at a normal speed and loudness. Most Koreans can understand English, but are just shy or embarrased.

Bonus points: Instead of saying "Excuse me" in English, people will respond better to excuse me in Korean. It sounds like "Chom shi mon yo". Even if you are not exact, they will appreciate the effort.

Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Incheon International Airport, located approximately one hour from Seoul, is one of Asia’s newest transportation hubs. The award-winning airport houses over 64 airline offices and manages over 450 inbound and outbound international and domestic flights every day. It is one of the most technologically advanced airports in the world.

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Contact Information

  • Website :
  • Tel : +82-1577-2600
  • Fax : +82 (0)32-741-2450
  • Distance from Seoul: 52 km (32 miles) about one hour
  • Address : 272 Gonghangno, Jung-gu, Incheon


Free Wi-Fi Internet, Sky City Shopping Plaza, movie theaters, and a variety of restaurants

Gimpo International Airport

Gimpo International Airport is located 30 minutes from the center of Seoul, in the northwestern part of the city. Gimpo was Korea’s primary international airport before Incheon International Airport was completed in 2001. It is the second largest airport in Korea.

Contact Information

  • Website :
  • Tel : +82-1661-2626
  • Fax : N/A
  • Distance from Seoul: Located in Seoul (about 30 min from downtown areas)
  • Address : 112, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul


Free Wi-Fi Internet, Sky City Shopping Plaza, movie theaters, and a variety of restaurants

Getting to and from Seoul

There are many ways to get from Incheon International Airport (or Gimpo International Airport) to Seoul. Most travelers find that airport limousine buses and AREX train are the most convenient, but taxis, subways, and car rentals are also available.
See the Korea Tourism website.

Address: Jaram building, 566 Dowha-dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul

By Subway

See this site for more information.

  • GONGDEOK Station Line No.5 and 6, Exit No.8 (5-minute walk from Station)
  • MAPO Station Line No.5, Exit No.3 (8-minute walk from Station)
  • GONGDEOK Station Gyeongeui-Joongang Line and Airoport Railroad Line, Exit No.9 (3-minute walk from Station)

For more information, Click here.

By Bus

You can find the bus immediately outside of the arrivals level of the airport. Once outside, you will find ticket booths. You can normally tell the ticket sellers where you want to go - in this case tell them "Gong Dock Station" or "Gong Dock yoke". If you have trouble, there are English speaking information desks inside the airport.

When you are getting on the bus, it is a good idea to tell the bus driver "Gong Dock". Then they may (or may not) explicitely let you know when you are at the stop. The name of the stop will also play on a speaker in Korean and English.

  • Blue Bus : 160, 163, 260, 261, 263, 600, 604
  • Airport Bus : 6701, 6702
  • Green Bus : 7013, 7016, 7611, 7613, 1002