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8th EAI International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime

September 28–30, 2016 | New York City, United States

Submission Guidelines


For an efficient process, we recommend that the payment is done using the credit card and before you upload the camera-ready paper. If you choose the bank transfer option, please be informed that your paper will not be considered for publishing until the payment is processed and validated by the bank.


Completed Research Papers: 14 pages (including abstract, figures, tables and excluding references) and must be formatted using JDFSL formatting template (see bellow).


General Formatting guidelines are at the following URL:

HOWEVER, the guidelines are for initial submissions. Final papers should be submitted as Word or LaTex documents, not PDFs and should not be blinded.


If Submitting the source as a Microsoft Word Document

For those wishing to use a Word DOCX template, a Word DOCX template is available now by downloading from the following URL:

The document includes the formatting guidelines.


If submitting the source document as part of a LaTeX ZIP Package

For those wishing to use LaTeX, a LaTeX template is available now by downloading from the following URLs:

The file includes the jdfsl.cls document class.


Registration Instructions

To register on the JDFSL, submission website, go to the URL

Make sure to check the registration type of Author (if you forget, you can always add it later by going to the Profile option after logging on.



Submission Instructions

After having registered as an Author, log on to the JDFSL submission website. Then click on the link “NEW_SUBMISSION”



Make sure when submitting your paper that you select “SpecialIssueICDF2C2016” as the section.



When uploading your document, it should not be blinded as it is a Final camera-ready copy.