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Accepted papers

  • Trevor Haigh, Frank Breitinger and Ibrahim Baggili. If I Had a Million Cryptos: Cryptowallet Application Analysis and A Trojan Proof-of-Concept
  • Robert Schmicker, Frank Breitinger and Ibrahim Baggili. AndroParseAn Android Feature Extraction Framework & Dataset
  • Lorenz Liebler and Harald Baier. On efficiency and effectiveness of Linear Function Detection Approaches for Memory Carving
  • Neil Rowe. Associating Drives Based on their Artifact and Metadata Distributions
  • Jieun Dokko and Michael Shin. A Digital Forensic Investigation and Verification Model for Industrial Espionage
  • Thomas Göbel and Harald Baier. fishy – A Framework for Implementing Filesystem-based Data Hiding Techniques
  • Daniel Schelkoph, Gilbert Peterson and James Okolica. Digital Forensics Event Graph Reconstruction
  • Jaryn Shen, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Qingkai Zeng. Multi-Item Passphrases: A Self-Adaptive Approach Against Offline Guessing Attacks
  • John Vieyra, Mark Scanlon and Nhien An Le Khac. Solid State Drive Forensics: Where Do We Stand?
  • Avinash Singh, Ikuesan Richard Adeyemi and H.S. Venter. Digital Forensic Readiness Framework for Ransomware Investigation
  • Raquel Tabuyo-Benito, Hayretdin Bahsi and Pedro Peris-Lopez. On-line Gaming Forensics Analysis
  • Hassan Hadi Latheeth Al-Maksousy and Michele C. Weigle. Hybrid intrusion detection system for worm attacks based on their networkbehavior
  • Giulia Guagliardi and Mattia Moscardini. The “Blackberry pin to pin chat” Case. A means to an end? Interception of encrypted messages as a means for investigating and prosecuting transnational organized crimes.
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