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Accepted papers

  • Pu Ren, Wuyang Shui, Mingquan Zhou, Jin Liu and Wenshuo Zhao. Sketch-based Modeling and Immersive Display Techniques for Indoor Crime Scene Presentation
  • Jia Xiaoqi, Zhou Guangzhe, Huang Qingjia, Zhang Weijuan and Tian Donghai. FindEvasion: An Effective Environment-sensitive Malware Detection System for the Cloud
  • David Lillis, Frank Breitinger and Mark Scanlon. Expediting MRSH-v2 Approximate Matching with Hierarchical Bloom Filter Trees
  • John MacRae and Viriginia Franqueira. On Locky, Al Capone and Brexit
  • Martin Vondráček, Jan Pluskal and Ondřej Ryšavý: Automation of MitM Attack on Wi-Fi Networks
  • Charles Leopard, Neil Rowe and Michael McCarrin. Memory Forensics and the Macintosh OS X Operating System
  • Lorenz Liebler and Harald Baier. Approxis: a fast, robust, lightweight and approximate Disassembler considered in the field of memory forensics
  • Kun Yang. A Behavior-based Method for Distinction of Flooding DDoS and Flash Crowds
  • Thomas Edward Allen Barton and M A Hannan Bin Azhar. Open Source Forensics for a Multi-platform Drone System
  • Asif Iqbal, Mathias Ekstedt and Hanan Alobaidli. Digital Forensic Readiness in Critical Infrastructures: A case of substation automation in the power sector
  • Ernsberger Dominik, Ikuesan Richard Adeyemi, Venter S. Hein and Alf Zugenmaier. A Web-Based Mouse Dynamics Visualization Tool for User Attribution in Digital Forensic Readiness
  • Jianguo Jiang, Jiuming Chen, K-K R Choo, Kunying Liu, Chao Liu and Min Yu. A Visualization Scheme for Network Forensics based on Attribute Oriented Induction based Frequent Item Mining and Hyper Graph
  • Neil Rowe. Finding and Rating Personal Names on Drives for Forensic Needs
  • Irvin Homem. Coriander: A Toolset for Generating Realistic Android Digital Evidence Datasets
  • Peter Kieseberg, Sebastian Neuner, Sebastian Schrittwieser, Martin Schmiedecker and Edgar Weippl. Real-time Forensics through Endpoint Visibility
  • Konstantia Barmpatsalou, Tiago Cruz, Edmundo Monteiro and Paulo Simoes. Fuzzy System-based Suspicious Pattern Detection in Mobile Forensic Evidence
  • Brandon Knieriem, Xiaolu Zhang, Philip Levine, Frank Breitinger and Ibrahim Baggili. Why Are Developers Still Using Default Passwords?
  • Ming Xu, Jinkai Sun, Ning Zheng, Tong Qiao, Yiming Wu, Kai Shi, Haidong Ge and Tao Yang. A novel File Carving Algorithm for EVTX Logs
  • Wu Xin, Qingni Shen, Yahui Yang and Zhonghai Wu. SeEagle: Semantic-Enhanced Anomaly Detection for Securing Eagle
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