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  • Papers presented at this conference will be published as a part of the Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (LNICST) series of Springer-Verlag. All papers must be prepared according to LNICST style instructions.
  • Please refer to the readme.txt file for a guide on what is located in Springer-Verlag LNICST ftp directory: This directory includes author instructions as well as templates and style sheets to make formatting your submission easier.
  • Failure to meet the formatting guidelines set by Springer-Verlag LNICST, could result in your paper not being included in the Proceedings.
  • © 2008 ICST Gent. The copyright of the content of this CD is governed by the Belgian Copyright Act (30 Jun 1994). With the exceptions stated explicitly by the Act, no part of the content of this CD is allowed to be translated, modified, copied, stored in a database or electronic retrieval system or made public without the prior written consent of ICST.
  • ISBN: ISBN 978-963-9799-37-0
  • Additional copies may be ordered from: publications AT icst DOT org
© Copyright 2009 University at Albany - All rights reserved.